About the TCC Challenge



In June 2007 I was diagnosed with testicular cancer. I was fortunate enough to catch the cancer while it was localised and still in stage 1 but unfortunately had a second case develop in June 2008. Following a failed operation, surgery and a course of radiotherapy the signs are that I can now get my life back on track and put my experience with cancer behind me.


But all is not going to simply return to normal, my life has changed and I believe it has done so for the better. I’m grateful cancer chose me because it has given me the opportunity to make a difference in making a success out of the TCC Challenge.


Joined by my brother Dom who, after 12 years of working in Advertising in London needed no persuading in leaving the city behind. Without his support it would have been hard to co-ordinate such a massive challenge.


The core aim of the TCC Challenge was to raise awareness regarding the importance of early detection, and we were covered by the media in five different countries. I wanted to reach out to those people who fear something is wrong and to encourage them to go and get a professional opinion.



The Challenge


We left from the Bank of England on Friday 9th October 2009, and cycled down through France, Italy and Sicily, before crossing to Tunisia. From there we headed east, cycling as close to the Tropic of Cancer as we could, and to our knowledge and research to date know one has ever taken on this specific challenge. Check out our route? Click here!


In the end we cycled across 16 countries and covered a total distance of 8,300 miles in 6 months. We finished on 4th April 2010, 2 months ahead of schedule, but ready for a rest from the bikes.



Jon and Dom x