The Tube Strike / 11th June 2009

A good execuse it seemed to cycle to work while the tube workers continued their quest to secure more pay than government ministers and holiday than a part time student.

The distance from my flat to where I work (near bond street) is 25 miles, perfect as I’m planning to cycle 50 miles a day. If I can manage that with a 10 hour working day I’d be set.

The morning ride all seemed to be going well but then about a third of the way through my morning journey I got a flat as I was coming into Enfield. I turned over my bike & out came the tools which was fortunate for me as I usually forget things or just don’t think I’ll need it- lesson learned.

Despite the flat I still made it in good time, I followed a guy with a ‘city of westminster’ bag to lead the way (sense of direction is also not one of my key skills) who was a right ducker/diver hopping on & off curbs, weaving through crowds on the pavements & carving around buses.. it was good fun, nothing like a bit of an adrenaline kick in the morning.

Made it to work on time, had an awful day in the grind but the tires held out & I made it home in time for a devoted girlfriend waiting with cold beer and a massage, I am lucky I know.

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