Lights out!! 8th September

Not a clever start on our new bikes!

The afternoon was stunning. 27 degrees worth of stunning in fact! How I’m glad I’m now training rather than stuck in a sweaty tube train carriage. Jon and I headed over towards Stevenage for our second photoshoot with the renowned pap photographer, Lucy Bennett. We needed some more press shots for sending out to our PR agencies and charities.

Well the problem is, Lucy does like to talk, and as she was downloading the 400 images to DVD, the light was fading fast! So fast that when we came to leave, it was actually dark. We had one reflective strip and 18 country lane miles between us and home! My new bike very nearly ended up in a ditch, and Jon got stuck in a cattle grid! We made it as far as a conveniently located curry house, and luckily one of my mates came to the rescue in his van! Note to Ridgeback – we must order some lights soon!

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