We are now sponsored by RIDGEBACK!! 4th September

Today we took delivery of our Ridgeback touring bikes and all of our equipment provided by Madison. We were like two over excited kids at Christmas opening up half a dozen boxes full of spare tyres, water bottles, panniers, helmets, shoes, first aid kits… all the equipment which we will heavy rely upon to help us round the world!

Then it was off to our cycle mechanic’s (Jeremy Mulkern) house to put the bikes together and have a crash course in gear ratios, breaking systems and all aspects of bike mechanics that we needed to learn. At times it was hard to stay focused with two gorgeous chocolate labradors craving attention.

I will be riding a Ridgeback Voyage and Dom will be riding a top of the range Ridgeback Panorama as they didn’t have his size in the Voyage (there are benefits of being short) :o )

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