PHD Summer Ibiza Party, 26th August

Faced with the prospect of PHD Media not having their legendary annual summer party, I thought I’d organise one, to co-inside with me leaving, and secondly raise some important sponsorship funds.

So I negotiated a venue for free, together with Ibiza DJs from Pukka Up, and set to work on organising the party for Wednesday 26th August. The place was Centro bar close to Tottenham Court Road, and the times were set for 7pm – 1am. It was a bit close to the wire on raising enough media owner funds to enable us to get plenty of free drinks (always the important element), but lucky the bar tabs were settled just in time (sadly I couldn’t justify the mini burgers too – another essential ingredient for a good media party!) We had a Mixmag photographer down, a Vodka luge funded by Google, and the UK Bodypopping champion busting some serious shapes on the dance floor.

I was so pleased that the whole company got behind it, and with ITV donating X Factor and Arsenal tickets, we raised over £2,500 for the TCC Challenge charities. It was an amazing night, but some seriously banging heads in the morning!

Dom x

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